Live Your Lycian Spirit and Energy with Likya Nature

What is the best time of the year to walk on lycian way ?

The most ideal season to walk on lycian way is in spring and autumn.Lycia means land of lights.Because of this reason every period of the year you can walk beside january,february,July,august on lycian way.


Lycia, which is among the top 10 long-distance walking routes, consists of a combination of goat paths, forest paths and forest roads, some parts of which are slightly stony paths, goat paths, forest paths and forest roads. For this reason, we recommend ankle gripping boots for walking. The walking path consists of beginner and intermediate level. Especially for those who will walk for the first time, I recommend Lycian Nature Travel's Fethiye and Antalya, Kaş coastal stages. Fethiye Stage from a panoramic point of view; Oludeniz lagoon, parachute jumping from Babadag, Butterfly valley, Aktas and Kabak Bays, Alınca offers us an almost insatiable route with views of Seven Noses.

When can we walk on the Lycian Way?

The Mediterranean climate is extremely hot in summer and rainy and mild in winter.

The most ideal season : 20 March - 5 June --- Spring Period

--10 September -October, 25 November - Autumn Term

Until the 20th of November we can go swimming.


1 -Walking with Agency and Guided Groups

In general, those who prefer more comfortable walking prefer to walk with a guide. As LIKYA NATURE TRAVEL, we organise guided walks, vehicle transfers and bungalow accommodation. Those who want to walk for the first time, those who do not want to get lost, those who don't want to walk with big backpacks prefer to walk with a guide.

2-Self Guided Trekking Tours: (Walks without guide - Suitcase Transfer)

Especially foreign tourists from some countries prefer this option. The agency gives detailed notes of the walking programme to the customer and the customer walks without a guide. The agency provides transfer and accommodation service.

3-Individual tented or individual accommodation

The most troublesome option. Individual tent walkers; There are also a few people who complete a certain track or the whole track by carrying all their tents, water, food, first aid, clothes and basic needs on their backs and walking up to 1 week or 30 days.