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How Can I Hike to Gelidonya Lighthouse ?

How Can I Hike to Gelidonya Lighthouse ?

Gelidonya Light house is at he Karaöz,Kumluca region. You can reach from Antalya or Kaş region.İt s on the Lycian way route from Adrasan-Gelidonya Light house route.If you want easy walk you can do Korsan Bay - Gelidonya Lighthouse for 8 km.Second Option is Longer Hike to walk from Korsan Bay to Adrasan .it s 19 km to Adrasan. You should take much water and enough food with you.There is no place on the way to buy food or drink.

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What About Gelidonya Lighthouse

The name Gelidonya comes from the meaning of Caledonia "Swallow",

In 1936, it was the highest lighthouse in Turkey with an altitude of 227 m,

Until 1976, it worked with kerosene and until 2004 with butane gas, and the kerosene was carried to the lighthouse with donkeys from a 2 km path,

Taşlık Cape and 5 Islands are on the sea trade route and there are many shipwrecks here due to the reverse tide of the sea currents and that is why the Gelidonya Lighthouse was built,

-Choosen as the most beautiful view in Turkey in 2007 ,

It has been run by the Demir family for 3 generations from generation to generation

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