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Lycian Way Trekking Tours

Lycian Way routes were built like a spider web in order to provide communication, transportation and trade between ancient cities.Thanks to these roads, the transportation of ancient cities between each other, trade and transportation from port cities to inland and highlands, highlands were provided.These roads have been the transportation network of a civilisation that has continued for thousands of years.

Dozens of cities have been established here, experiences, stories, stories, what laments, what kings, what tomb masters have come and gone. The lines in the Lycian Poem actually tell us everything...

"Don't worry if you can't find me, you'll find my things.

You'll find the stones I cut, the roads I paved, the sculptures I carved.

And you will see that our fingerprints will touch each other from thousands of years away...

In 1999, with the acceptance of Cate Clow's Lycian Roads Project, the walking path among the top 10 long-distance routes in the world with a length of 550 km has been brought to our country.

Lycian Way is the ancient name of today's Teke Peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye along the southern coast of our country. The name Lycia comes from the Hittite word "Lukka" meaning "Light". The country of light deserves this name with over 300 sunny days in a year.

Lycian Region, the region between Antalya and Fethiye Bay is called Lycia in ancient times; today it is called Teke Region.