Live Your Lycian Spirit and Energy with Likya Nature

What Equipments Required to hike on lycian way?

Walking Shoes: We definitely recommend hard boots that grip the ankle. Sometimes the idea that I can manage with walking shoes is wrong and most of the stages must have boots. ! Since the path will consist of hard ground and some stony areas, you should have hiking boots that will make you comfortable!

Hiking trousers: Shorts are suitable for most stages for hiking in spring and autumn periods.

Backpack: For guided tours, a backpack with a protected back that does not sweat the back can be preferred. It is necessary for carrying personal needs and picnic water!

Raincoat: It is strongly requested to have a raincoat with us in case of seasonal rain transitions.

Fleece and jacket: Depending on the season, the weather is cooler in the evenings and mornings, especially on the hiking trails. You need to be prepared.

Walking Sticks : Since the walk is at beginner and intermediate level, we recommend the use of a baton. The baton divides the load equally by loading the back and body load on the hands and baton.

WARNING: Baton is not accepted in cabin baggage when travelling by plane, it must be in the suitcase.

Swimming Suites : We have sea breaks during the walk or at the end of the day.

Temperature : 22-27 degrees C

CASH Money : Considering that there will be no ATMs in rural areas, we should have enough cash.

Water : We should take at least 1.5 litres of water every day for hiking according to the condition of the track and the season. We take it every day from markets or from hotel

Hotel - Pension -Bungalow: The hotels we stay in are usually family-run hotels and bungalow-style businesses.

How many kilometres do we walk on the Lycian Way?

On the Lycian Way, we prefer Lycian Nature daily 13-15 km stages and medium level tracks. Since the first day is transfer + walking, we prefer shorter 8 or 12 km stages on the first day.

We make walking tours with 4-day programmes on the Lycian Way. It can be completed 5-6 times in years with weekly or 4-day tracks. Those who want to walk once can walk in 32-35 days.