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Why you should hike on lycian way ?

Lycian Civilization is at least 4.000 years old

Lycian Rock Tombs are at least 2500 years old,

The ancestors of the Lycians were Lukka tribes

-The region between today's Antalya and Fethiye Bay is Lycia in ancient times and Teke Region today.

-Lycia Region consists of 50 small and large ancient cities

-Kate Clow's discovery of 540 km of Lycian roads by discovering the ancient connection roads used for communication, transport and trade between ancient cities

That the first civil democracy in history started in the Lycian Patara Assembly Building;

-The representatives were directly elected by the people

-It is the 6 largest ancient cities in the elections

-Xantos-Patara-Myra-Olympos-Pınara-Tlos Ancient Cities are the 6 ancient cities with the 3 largest voting rights.

-Xantos was the first capital, Patara Roman period

Myra is the capital of the Byzantine period.

-The first civil democracy centre in history was the Patara Assembly Building,

-It is a matriarchal society

-It is a society that uses the surname of the mother, not the father.

-It has survived to the present day from the 3D Heroic inscription that they jumped into the fire for their freedom in Xantos.

-Hittites for the unity of Anatolia - Hittites in the Egyptian war

-Did you know that they supported Troy in the Trojan War?

-Patara is famous for its sand dunes, Patara Assembly building and caretta carettas,

-Xantos People are known for jumping into the fire for the epic of freedom.

-Myra; St Nicholas St Nicholas sainthood period; Byzantine capital and St Nicholas tomb where the church was built,

-Gelidonya Lighthouse 2007 best photo frame

-Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Faralya, Kabak, Seven Noses, Cennet Bay, Olympos, Cirali, Kas are the most beautiful places.