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Lycian Way Tour From Mt Tahtali to Cirali Beach - 4 Days

Tour Highlights


-BEST New Trend Holiday; Nature, Sea, Trekking breaks

Visual Nature-Sea Walking Feast from Tahtalı Mountain to Çıralı Beach

-Phaselis ancient city & Swimming break

-A peaceful holiday on the Çıralı beach

-Family run & and the most delicious food

-The Chiemera, the Mythological Fire Unquenchable for Thousands of Years

-Visual Nature-Sea Feast from Tahtalı Mountain to Çıralı Beach

5-8th September 2024 / 12-15th September 2024 / 26-29th September 2024


450 €

Deposit: 100 €

Single Difference (Single Accommodation): 100

You can pay the remainder in cash or transfer to account.


Antalya Airport : 9:00 Landed Flights

Antalya bus station: —10:00


Antalya Airport

Flights after 20:00 should be preferred.

Note : Our company is not responsible for any airline, flight cancellation or delay. You can contact us for tolerable delays.

** We are walking with accommodation and transfer.

The starting point of the walk - the end of the walk, according to the need, we walk with a short vehicle transfer. This way we don't carry bags. We usually stay in the same hotel.


We have a swimming break for 3 days during the walk. Our hotel is 100 meters from the sea in Cirali. According to the program flow, there is no sea on the 1st day, as there is accommodation in a Bungalow or Boutique hotel in the village at the summit for 1 night. We go into the sea at the end of the walk. Our guide gives the necessary information during the tour.




DAY 1: 

Elmayani Plateau-Uc Söğüt Plateau-Hisarçandır Village

Antalya Meeting

(12 km- 5 hours / 500 meters descent)

After meeting at the Antalya airport or bus station in Antalya, have a break at Doğa Park cafe for Breakfast.

 With a 45 minutes transfer, we go to Hisarçan and from there to Elmanını Plateau. Elmayani Village and Peony. After visiting the natural distribution and protection area of Yörük Rose and Bear roses (WE DO NOT PICK off.) Our trek starts from Elmanını plateau. As we continue our walk among cedar trees and highland pines, we see Göynük canyon from the summit and reach Üç Söğüt Highland. On the way, we pass through the distribution areas of natural peonies from time to time. We can take pictures, but we do not pluck the protected endemic plant. After the scenic break at Üç Söğüt plateau, we descend to Hisarçandıra on the gently sloping descent path. Transfer to our hotel. We are enjoying the clean highland air.

DAY 2:

Goynuk Plateau (Ovacik)-Gedelme-Yayla Kuzdere Walk

18 km – 6 hours walking – 300 m descent – 300 m ascent / 1200 -900 m altitude)

We start our walk from Göynük plateau with a short transfer in the morning. We proceed with the nature path and forest road, abundant nature and the Taurus Mountains view in the pine forest. After seeing a few highland houses, we reach Gedelme. After the lunch break here, we take pictures with 2,000-year-old plane trees and walk towards Yayla Kuzdere. Between the cedar trees and the pine trees, we reach the 900 altitude Yayla Kuzdere from the skirts of Tahtalı Mountain. Transfer to our hotel.

DAY 3:

Tahtalı Mountain Summit (2365 m)-Beycik Hike (900 m) -12 km

Ascent to Tahtalı Mountain by cable car-1450 m descent- 6 hours

After 40 minutes of transfer from our hotel in the morning, we reach the Tahtali Cable Car. Our journey to the summit with the cable car brings us a perfect view of the Taurus Mountains and Have a break for Antalya under our feet. After 1 hour descending from the summit, we continue our descent with the path where we start to see different shades of green, big plane cedar and pine trees. It's like a perfect day among huge monumental trees, and we're going down to Beycik with a descent. Transfer to hotel and sea break

DAY 4 :

Beycik-Ulupinar Walk- Visit Phaselis Ancient City  

Sea Break-Antalya Transfer  - (8 km – 3 hours – 300 m descent)

With a short transfer, we start our walk from Beycik, at an altitude of 700 metres,  from the point where we left off the day before.

We descend to Ulupınar through the pine forest path and forest road with plenty of oxygen. Here we get the throut fish menu at the Fish Restaurant.

In the afternoon we explore the ancient city of Phaselis. Explore the main street, theatre, aqueducts, ancient ports, Roman baths and transfer to Antalya after a sea break.

Hoping to meet again on our next trip, we leave with the best memories.

Trip Information


100% refund up to 30 days left

For cancellations under 20 DAYS, THE FULL DEPOSIT is invoiced to the consumer. You cannot get a refund.)

For cancellations under 15 days, the entire TOUR FEE is charged to the Guest, depending on the Hotel and reservation status. The consumer accepts, undertakes and declares this.

Payments made in relation to the package tour they have attended and irrevocable payments (airplane, hotel, etc.) ) will be refunded after deducting the remaining amount.

You have the right to give your place to someone else.


** In the company of LIKYA Nature Travel and a Professional Licensed Guide, our fingerprints will touch each other on the thousands of years old paths of the Lycian Way!

** The number of people is limited for an efficient and enjoyable walk!

** We do boutique tours with small groups. min. 8 max. 16 people

** Since the walking track passes through villages and local businesses within the scope of sustainable tourism, expectations should not be high in all businesses! Some of them are Bungalows with pools, some of them are Village Houses, but the most important criterion is that we do not compromise on cleanliness.

** The track is generally at the beginner level. Anyone with good performance can walk!

** Those who have chronic illness and allergies must report during registration!

** Due to natural conditions (rain), the guide has the right to make changes in the program.

** Please do not leave your reservations to the last minute as the hiking season is the spring-autumn season!

**Because walking cancellations cause problems, you have to pay a pre-deposit. These deposits are used for hotel and vehicle pre-reservation.

** The program consists of Lycia's Original Trails and Optional Tracks. It consists of the most enjoyable, beginner and intermediate stages of the Lycian Way. It is a combination of the most popular photo spots.


WALKING SHOES: There should be solid boots or trekking shoes that grip our ankle! Trekking shoes should be enough to make you comfortable as the path will consist of hard ground and some stony areas! Decathlon Trekking Shoes are the most ideal and suitable. North Face, Salomon, Lowa prices are high. Ask for Trekking shoes, not walking shoes at Decathlon!

WALKING TROUSERS & SHORTS: Suitable for Spring and Autumn shorts. Shorts are generally appropriate, although in some places there is a bush that will scratch the foot slightly. I recommend trousers with knee shorts

WALKING Stick: The baton puts the weight of the back and body on the hands and body. I definitely recommend

Backpack: It can be preferred with a back cover that does not sweat on the back. Required for personal needs and carrying picnic water!

Raincoat: There may be small rains due to weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Fleece and jacket: According to the season In the evening and in the morning, the weather is a little cool.

Towel-Swimwear: We take sea breaks during the walk or at the end of the day.

Shorts, hats, glasses, sunscreen are our other needs.

Temperature: 22-27 C degrees



(3 Nights 4 Days) ANTALYA
5-8th September 2024 / 12-15th September 2024 / 26-29th September 2024


450 €

Deposit: 100 €

Single Difference (Single Accommodation): 100 

You can pay the remainder in cash or transfer to account.