Live Your Lycian Spirit and Energy with Likya Nature

Hiking on Eco Trails - Dalyan Tour

Tour Highlights


-BEST New Trend Holiday; Nature, Sea, Trekking breaks

-15 years of Lycian Way Guide & “LYCIA NATURE” experience

-Dalyan, Kaunos, Iztuzu break with its unique nature

Sea break in the most Turquoise bays for 4 days

-Iztuzu Beach, Aş Cove Sea & Sultaniye Thermal Springs Breaks

-Gökbel, İztuzu, Sülüngür Lake, Dalyan Scenic Walks

-Programs in the Scope of Rural Development and Eco Tourism

-We carry out our walks in groups of 10-15 people.


10-13th April 2024 / 20-23th April 2024 / 16-19th May 2024

PRICE : 450 €

Single Room Suplement : 100 €

Deposit: 100 €

The remainder: At the beginning of the tour, you can pay in cash or by transfer to the account.


Meeting Point

Dalaman Airport

Group Tours: 09:00 : Dalaman landed flights

or 1 day earlier you can reach to Dalaman

Private Tours: Available flights in the morning or mid-day :Transfer to the beginnig of the Trail.


Dalaman Airport after 19:00

Note : Our company is not responsible for any airline, flight cancellation or delay. You can contact us for tolerable delays.


Four seasons. Best in spring and autumn seasons

Activity Level


Tour Duration

4 Days


During the walk, we stay in Pensions, Family bungalow houses run by local families

Group Size

8-15 people


Air-conditioned bus, Vito or Private car


We have swimming breaks at the most turquoise beaches at the end of the walks or during the walk.

* We Walk with Accommodation and Transfer.




Day 1 :

Dalaman Meeting;

9:30 : Meet at Dalaman Airport 

10:00 - Meet at Dalaman-Ortaca Bus Station

Gökbel - Sülüngür Lake - Iztuzu Beach Walk -10 km

(10 km -4 Hours / 200 altitude ascent. 200 m descent)

After meeting with our group at Dalaman airport, we arrive at Gökbel with a short transfer. After a coffee, tea and pancake break here, we will start our walk from the Gökbel neighborhood of Dalyan, continue from the small settlement of the Bosphorus, and then enter a beautiful path. The path will take us from a valley to Sülüngür lake. The path will take us to a beautiful spot with a view of the Dalyan delta with a path around the lake. Iztuzu beach, which is a short walk and has a beautiful view. After landing at the beach, we take a sea break for 1.5 hours at Iztuzu beach. With the transfer boats here, we complete our day with a 45-minute transfer to the center of Dalyan.

Note: Swimsuits and sea items should be in our backpack during the walk. There is no road to the sea.

Day 2:

Ekincik Bay- Çandır -Kaunos Ancient City- 16 km- 6 hours Hiking.

Sea level start - 200 m ascent / 200 m descent.

Vehicle Transfer will take us around Köyceğiz lake to Ekincik Bay. We start the day with the wonderful view of Ekincik Bay. We start our walk with a gentle climb where the magnificent view of Köyceğiz, Ekincik bays and the region are laid under our feet. After a 3-hour walk, we reach the village of Çandır. Since there is no settlement on the route today, lunch is like a picnic. Our walk, which continues from Çandır Village, reaches the ancient city of Kaunus in the village. Transfer to our hotel in Dalyan.

Day 3 :

Kaunos Ancient City-Sultaniye Hot Springs-Dalyan 13 km

300 m ascent / 300 m descent

After breakfast, we start by crossing the boats waiting for us on the Dalyan River. We start to explore the ancient city to discover the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos among the pomegranate orchards. After seeing structures such as the ancient Hellenistic theatre, the ruins of the Bath, the temple, the agora and the market place, we start our walk from Kaunos. After our approximately 13 km route, after a slight ascent, we reach the Sultaniye thermal spring with the view of the whole Dalyan view and the rock tombs. We are crowning the week in the hot pool and mud baths with the words "Death Cannot Enter" on the door in the ancient period. Transfer to Dalaman Airport. Hoping to meet again after a wonderful week, we say goodbye.

Day 4 :

Vaccine Cove- Satancik Cove- Vaccine Cove-Dalaman Airport (9 km)

After breakfast, we arrive at the starting point of the walk, Aşı Bay. The first part of our trek is a small, untouched cove, Satancik Cove. Our walk is a beautiful route through the pine forest, sometimes descending and sometimes ascending, with marked stone ground in places. It will take 2-3 hours. Then we take a sea break at the Satancik Bay and then return to Aşı Bay to relieve our tiredness. Departure to the Airport after the swimming break in Vaccine Bay

Trip Information


During the walk, we stay at Dalyan Grand Emir Hotel for 3 nights or Yeni Doğa Pension


We can swim in the sea for at least 3 days during the walk. We swim in the sea at the end of the walk or during the walk. Our guide gives the necessary information during the tour.


to tour date

100% refund up to 30 days left

For cancellations under 20 DAYS, the FULL DEPOSIT is billed to the guest. lights up.

For cancellations under 15 days, the entire TOUR FEE is charged to the Guest, depending on the Hotel and reservation status.

Payments made in relation to the package tour they have attended and irrevocable payments (airplane, hotel, etc.) ) will be refunded after deducting the remaining amount.

You have the right to give your place to someone else. The consumer accepts this, undertakes and declares.


** In the company of LIKYA Nature Travel and a Professional Licensed Guide, our fingerprints will touch each other on the thousands of years old paths of the Lycian Way!

** The number of people is limited for an efficient and enjoyable walk!

**We walk with accommodation and vehicle transfer

** We do boutique tours with small groups. min. 8 max. 16 people

** Since the walking track passes through villages and local businesses within the scope of sustainable tourism, expectations should not be high in all businesses! Some of them are Bungalows with pools, some of them are Village Houses, but the most important criterion is that we do not compromise on cleanliness.

** The track is generally at the beginner level. Anyone with good performance can walk!

** Those who have chronic illness and allergies must report during registration!

** Due to natural conditions (rain), the guide has the right to make changes in the program.

** Please do not leave your reservations to the last minute as the hiking season is the spring-autumn season!

**Because walking cancellations cause problems, you have to pay a pre-deposit. These deposits are used for hotel and vehicle pre-reservation.

** The program consists of Lycia's Original Trails and Optional Tracks. It is a combination of the most popular photo spots of the Lycian Way, consisting of the most enjoyable, beginner and intermediate stages.


MÜZEKART: Bring it with you for visiting the museum affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism.

Hiking Shoes: There should be solid boots or trekking shoes that grip our ankle! Trekking shoes should be enough to make you comfortable as the path will consist of hard ground and some stony areas! Decathlon Trekking Shoes are the most ideal and suitable. North Face, Salomon, Lowa prices are high. Ask for Trekking shoes, not walking shoes at Decathlon!

Hiking pants, shorts, hats, glasses, sunscreen are our other needs.

Backpack: It can be preferred with a back cover that does not sweat on the back. Required for personal needs and carrying picnic water!

Raincoat: There may be small rains due to weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Fleece and jacket: According to the season In the evening and in the morning, the weather is a little cool.

Walking Pole  Optional as the walking is at the beginner level. The baton puts the back and body load on the hands and baton.

Towel-Swimwear: We take sea breaks during the walk or at the end of the day.

Temperature: 22-27 C degrees



 10-13th April 2024 / 20-23th April 2024

PRICE :  450 €

Single Room Difference (Single Accommodation) : 100 €

Deposit: 100 €

The remainder: At the beginning of the tour, you can pay in cash or by transfer to the account.


Professional Licensed Guide
3 nights Pension accommodation (Breakfast )
Transfer (vito-minibus )



Personal expenses
Museum entrances